Sources and behavior of perchlorate ions (ClO 4) in chalk aquifer of Champagne-Ardenne, France: preliminary results

Cao, Feifei; Jaunat, Jessy; Ollivier, Patrick; Cancès, Benjamin; Morvan, Xavier; Hubé, Daniel; Devos, Alain; Devau, Nicolas; Barbin, Vincent; Pannet, Pierre

Perchlorate (inline-formula M2inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg9109d7d57bec71f8c965ff267b244fa6 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00003.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00003.png ) is an environmental contaminant of growing concern due to its potential human health effects and widespread occurrence in surface water and groundwater. Analyses carried out in France have highlighted the presence of inline-formula M3inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg41a558755fe8b521f3a058288ec8d0a3 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00004.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00004.png in drinking water of Champagne-Ardenne (NW of France), with two potential sources suspected: a military source related to the First World War and an agricultural source related to the past use of Chilean nitrates. To determine the sources of inline-formula M4inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg02a422e077ae8563e94cafc8e2d7e7e1 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00005.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00005.png in groundwater, major and trace elements, inline-formula2H and inline-formula18O, inline-formula M7inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 3 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg7bb31043a3b59255bb8f261fe3c1ffc4 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00006.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00006.png and inline-formula M8inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg71dfabcb771790e07b7e486be7f10228 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00007.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00007.png ions and a list of 39 explosives were analyzed from 35 surface water and groundwater sampling points in the east of the city of Reims. inline-formula M9inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimgadc11f320a54fb3363000a6eb34bc7db piahs-379-113-2018-ie00008.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00008.png ions were found in almost all sampling points (32 out of 35) with a max value of 33 inline-formulaµg L−1. inline-formula M11inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimgcc0c1c91980f688f17f41a907f1bb4f6 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00009.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00009.png concentrations were highest in groundwater ranging from 0.7 to 33 inline-formulaµg L−1 (average value of about 6.2 inline-formulaµg L−1) against from inline-formula< 0.5 to 10.2 inline-formulaµg L−1 in surface water (average value of about 2.7 inline-formulaµg L−1). Most of the water samples showing high inline-formula M17inlinescrollmathml chem normal ClO normal 4 - 28pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg936eaa38b084828920405453dbcd96e0 piahs-379-113-2018-ie00010.svg28pt16ptpiahs-379-113-2018-ie00010.png levels (inline-formula> 4 inline-formulaµg L−1) were collected near a military camp, where huge quantities of ammunitions have been used, stored and destroyed during and after the First World War.



Cao, Feifei / Jaunat, Jessy / Ollivier, Patrick / et al: Sources and behavior of perchlorate ions (ClO4−) in chalk aquifer of Champagne-Ardenne, France: preliminary results. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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