The SeaSWIR dataset

Knaeps, Els; Doxaran, David; Dogliotti, Ana; Nechad, Bouchra; Ruddick, Kevin; Raymaekers, Dries; Sterckx, Sindy

The SeaSWIR dataset consists of 137 ASD (Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.) marine reflectances, 137 total suspended matter (TSM) measurements and 97 turbidity measurements gathered at three turbid estuarine sites (Gironde, La Plata, Scheldt). The dataset is valuable because of the high-quality measurements of the marine reflectance in the Short Wave InfraRed I region (SWIR-I: 1000–1200 inline-formulanm) and SWIR-II (1200–1300 inline-formulanm) and because of the wide range of TSM concentrations from 48 up to 1400 inline-formulamg L−1. The ASD measurements were gathered using a detailed measurement protocol and were subjected to a strict quality control. The SeaSWIR marine reflectance is characterized by low reflectance at short wavelengths (inline-formula<450inline-formulanm), peak reflectance values between 600 and 720 inline-formulanm and significant contributions in the near-infrared (NIR) and SWIR-I parts of the spectrum. Comparison of the ASD water reflectance with simultaneously acquired reflectance from a three-radiometer system revealed a correlation of 0.98 for short wavelengths (412, 490 and 555 inline-formulanm) and 0.93 for long wavelengths (686, 780 and 865 inline-formulanm). The relationship between TSM and turbidity (for all sites) is linear, with a correlation coefficient of 0.96.

The SeaSWIR dataset has been made publicly available (



Knaeps, Els / Doxaran, David / Dogliotti, Ana / et al: The SeaSWIR dataset. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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