Accelerating simulations using REDCHEM_v0.0 for atmospheric chemistry mechanism reduction

Nikolaou, Zacharias Marinou; Chen, Jyh-Yuan; Proestos, Yiannis; Lelieveld, Jos; Sander, Rolf

Chemical mechanism reduction is common practice in combustion research for accelerating numerical simulations; however, there have been limited applications of this practice in atmospheric chemistry. In this study, we employ a powerful reduction method in order to produce a skeletal mechanism of an atmospheric chemistry code that is commonly used in air quality and climate modelling. The skeletal mechanism is developed using input data from a model scenario. Its performance is then evaluated both a priori against the model scenario results and a posteriori by implementing the skeletal mechanism in a chemistry transport model, namely the Weather Research and Forecasting code with Chemistry. Preliminary results, indicate a substantial increase in computational speed-up for both cases, with a minimal loss of accuracy with regards to the simulated spatio-temporal mixing ratio of the target species, which was selected to be ozone.



Nikolaou, Zacharias Marinou / Chen, Jyh-Yuan / Proestos, Yiannis / et al: Accelerating simulations using REDCHEM_v0.0 for atmospheric chemistry mechanism reduction. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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