Retrieving horizontally resolved wind fields using multi-static meteor radar observations

Stober, Gunter; Chau, Jorge L.; Vierinen, Juha; Jacobi, Christoph; Wilhelm, Sven

Recently, the MMARIA (Multi-static, Multi-frequency Agile Radar for Investigations of the Atmosphere) concept of a multi-static VHF meteor radar network to derive horizontally resolved wind fields in the mesosphere–lower thermosphere was introduced. Here we present preliminary results of the MMARIA network above Eastern Germany using two transmitters located at Juliusruh and Collm, and five receiving links: two monostatic and three multi-static. The observations are complemented during a one-week campaign, with a couple of addition continuous-wave coded transmitters, making a total of seven multi-static links. In order to access the kinematic properties of non-homogenous wind fields, we developed a wind retrieval algorithm that applies regularization to determine the non-linear wind field in the altitude range of 82–98 km. The potential of such observations and the new retrieval to investigate gravity waves with horizontal scales between 50–200 km is presented and discussed. In particular, it is demonstrated that horizonal wavelength spectra of gravity waves can be obtained from the new data set.



Stober, Gunter / Chau, Jorge L. / Vierinen, Juha / et al: Retrieving horizontally resolved wind fields using multi-static meteor radar observations. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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