Subglacial topography, ice thickness, and bathymetry of Kongsfjorden, northwestern Svalbard

Lindbäck, Katrin; Kohler, Jack; Pettersson, Rickard; Nuth, Christopher; Langley, Kirsty; Messerli, Alexandra; Vallot, Dorothée; Matsuoka, Kenichi; Brandt, Ola

Svalbard tidewater glaciers are retreating, which will affect fjord circulation and ecosystems when glacier fronts become land-terminating. Knowledge of the subglacial topography and bathymetry under retreating glaciers is important to modelling future scenarios of fjord circulation and glacier dynamics. We present high-resolution (150 m gridded) digital elevation models of subglacial topography, ice thickness, and ice surface elevation of five tidewater glaciers in Kongsfjorden (1100 kminline-formula2), northwestern Spitsbergen, based on inline-formula∼1700 km airborne and ground-based ice-penetrating radar profiles. The digital elevation models (DEMs) cover the tidewater glaciers Blomstrandbreen, Conwaybreen, Kongsbreen, Kronebreen, and Kongsvegen and are merged with bathymetric and land DEMs for the non-glaciated areas. The large-scale subglacial topography of the study area is characterized by a series of troughs and highs. The minimum subglacial elevation is inline-formula−180 m above sea level (a.s.l.), the maximum subglacial elevation is 1400 m a.s.l., and the maximum ice thickness is 740 m. Three of the glaciers, Kongsbreen, Kronebreen, and Kongsvegen, have the potential to retreat by inline-formula∼10 km before they become land-terminating. The compiled data set covers one of the most studied regions in Svalbard and is valuable for future studies of glacier dynamics, geology, hydrology, and fjord circulation. The data set is freely available at the Norwegian Polar Data Centre (uri



Lindbäck, Katrin / Kohler, Jack / Pettersson, Rickard / et al: Subglacial topography, ice thickness, and bathymetry of Kongsfjorden, northwestern Svalbard. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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