Automatic detection and correction of pitch misalignment in wind turbine rotors

Bertelè, Marta; Bottasso, Carlo L.; Cacciola, Stefano

In this work, a new algorithm is presented to correct for pitch misalignment imbalances of wind turbine rotors. The method uses signals measured in the fixed frame of the machine, typically in the form of accelerations or loads. The amplitude of the one per revolution signal harmonic is used to quantify the imbalance, while its phase is used to locate the unbalanced blade(s). The near linearity of the unknown relationship between harmonic amplitude and pitch misalignment is used to derive a simple algorithm that iteratively rebalances the rotor. This operation is conducted while the machine is in operation, without the need for shutting it down. The method is not only applicable to the case of a single misaligned blade, but also to the generic case of multiple concurrent imbalances. Apart from the availability of acceleration or load sensors, the method requires the ability of the rotor blades to be commanded independently from one another, which is typically possible on many modern machines. The new method is demonstrated in a realistic simulation environment using an aeroservoelastic wind turbine model in a variety of wind and operating conditions.



Bertelè, Marta / Bottasso, Carlo L. / Cacciola, Stefano: Automatic detection and correction of pitch misalignment in wind turbine rotors. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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