Mapping the vegetation of the Lake Tana basin, Ethiopia, using Google Earth images

Song, Chuangye; Nigatu, Lisanework; Beneye, Yibrah; Abdulahi, Abdurezak; Zhang, Lin; Wu, Dongxiu

The basin of Lake Tana is one of the most important watersheds in the Nile Basin. It is of great significance to the economy and politics of Ethiopia. In the past, the natural vegetation of the Lake Tana basin was heavily damaged to facilitate the continued expansion of cropland. Vegetation must be conserved and restored to protect the natural environment and maintain the biodiversity of the Lake Tana basin. In this research, we mapped the vegetation of the Lake Tana basin through visual interpretation using high-spatial-resolution images provided by Google Earth and field survey data to provide detailed information of the actual vegetation state for planning conservation and restoration. A total of 33 171 polygons were generated to represent the vegetation patches of the Lake Tana basin on the map, and the validation using surveyed vegetation plots indicated that 90 % of the patches were correctly identified. The DOI of the dataset used for map production is We expect that this vegetation map could benefit vegetation conservation and restoration in the Lake Tana basin.



Song, Chuangye / Nigatu, Lisanework / Beneye, Yibrah / et al: Mapping the vegetation of the Lake Tana basin, Ethiopia, using Google Earth images. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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