The VOLNA-OP2 tsunami code (version 1.5)

Reguly, Istvan Z.; Giles, Daniel; Gopinathan, Devaraj; Quivy, Laure; Beck, Joakim H.; Giles, Michael B.; Guillas, Serge; Dias, Frederic

In this paper, we present the VOLNA-OP2 tsunami model and implementation; a finite-volume non-linear shallow-water equation (NSWE) solver built on the OP2 domain-specific language (DSL) for unstructured mesh computations. VOLNA-OP2 is unique among tsunami solvers in its support for several high-performance computing platforms: central processing units (CPUs), the Intel Xeon Phi, and graphics processing units (GPUs). This is achieved in a way that the scientific code is kept separate from various parallel implementations, enabling easy maintainability. It has already been used in production for several years; here we discuss how it can be integrated into various workflows, such as a statistical emulator. The scalability of the code is demonstrated on three supercomputers, built with classical Xeon CPUs, the Intel Xeon Phi, and NVIDIA P100 GPUs. VOLNA-OP2 shows an ability to deliver productivity as well as performance and portability to its users across a number of platforms.



Reguly, Istvan Z. / Giles, Daniel / Gopinathan, Devaraj / et al: The VOLNA-OP2 tsunami code (version 1.5). 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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