Improved real-time bio-aerosol classification using artificial neural networks

Leśkiewicz, Maciej; Kaliszewski, Miron; Włodarski, Maksymilian; Młyńczak, Jarosław; Mierczyk, Zygmunt; Kopczyński, Krzysztof

Air pollution has had an increasingly powerful impact on the everyday life of humans. More and more people are aware of the health problems that may result from inhaling air which contains dust, bacteria, pollens or fungi. There is a need for real-time information about ambient particulate matter. Devices currently available on the market can detect some particles in the air but cannot classify them according to health threats. Fortunately, a new type of technology is emerging as a promising solution.

Laser-based bio-detectors are characterizing a new era in aerosol research. They are capable of characterizing a great number of individual particles in seconds by analyzing optical scattering and fluorescence characteristics. In this study we demonstrate the application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) to real-time analysis of single-particle fluorescence fingerprints acquired using BARDet (a Bio-AeRosol Detector). A total of 48 different aerosols including pollens, bacteria, fungi, spores, and nonbiological substances were characterized. An entirely new approach to data analysis using a decision tree comprising 22 independent neural networks was discussed. Applying confusion matrices and receiver operating characteristics (ROC) analysis the best sets of ANNs for each group of similar aerosols were determined. As a result, a very high accuracy of aerosol classification in real time was achieved. It was found that for some substances that have characteristic spectra, almost each particle can be properly classified. Aerosols with similar spectral characteristics can be classified as specific clouds with high probability. In both cases the system recognized aerosol type with no mistakes.

In the future, it is planned that performance of the system may be determined under real environmental conditions, involving characterization of fluorescent and nonfluorescent particles.



Leśkiewicz, Maciej / Kaliszewski, Miron / Włodarski, Maksymilian / et al: Improved real-time bio-aerosol classification using artificial neural networks. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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