Use of Sentinel 2 – MSI for water quality monitoring at Alqueva reservoir, Portugal

Potes, Miguel; Rodrigues, Gonçalo; Penha, Alexandra Marchã; Novais, Maria Helena; Costa, Maria João; Salgado, Rui; Morais, Maria Manuela

Alqueva reservoir located in southeast of Portugal has a surface area of 250 km2 and total capacity of 4150 hm3. Since 2006 the water quality of this reservoir is explored by the authors using remote sensing techniques. First using MERIS multi-spectral radiometer on-board of ENVISAT-1 and presently with MSI multi-spectral radiometer on-board SENTINEL-2. The existence of two satellites (A and B) equipped with MSI enable the area to be revisited, under the same viewing conditions, every 2–3 days. Since 2017 the multidisciplinary project ALOP (ALentejo Observation and Prediction systems) expands the team knowledge about the physical and bio-chemical properties of the reservoir. This project includes an integrated field campaign at different experimental sites in the reservoir and its shores, at least until September 2018. Previous algorithms developed by the team for MERIS are tested with the new MSI instrument for water turbidity, chlorophyll a concentration and density of cyanobacteria. Results from micro-algae bloom occurred in late summer/early autumn 2017 on the reservoir are presented, showing the capabilities of MSI sensor for detection and high resolution mapping over the reservoir. The results are compared with in situ sampling and laboratorial analysis of chlorophyll a associated with the bloom.



Potes, Miguel / Rodrigues, Gonçalo / Penha, Alexandra Marchã / et al: Use of Sentinel 2 – MSI for water quality monitoring at Alqueva reservoir, Portugal. 2018. Copernicus Publications.


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