A wireless monitoring system for a high-power borehole–ground electromagnetic transmitter

Cheng, Shuangshuang; Deng, Ming; Wang, Meng; Jin, Sheng; Zhang, Qisheng; Chen, Kai

Visual interfaces and wireless monitoring have played significant roles in the application of electromagnetic transmitters. Therefore, we have designed a wireless monitoring system that is based on the Visual Studio 2015 Windows form application by using C# language and multi-threading technology. The system can effectively implement many functions, including time monitoring via a real-time clock, switching of the transmitting frequency, changing of transmission mode, and the storage and verification of the transmitter condition information. These things allow the wireless monitoring system to support condition monitoring and operation control of the transmitter. The results of several field tests confirm that the proposed wireless monitoring system provides a user-friendly interface and convenient and stable operation. The system is able to satisfy the wireless monitoring and multifunctional demands for transmitters implemented in land electromagnetic exploration and act as a reference for scientific researchers pursuing instrument development and electromagnetic prospecting.



Cheng, Shuangshuang / Deng, Ming / Wang, Meng / et al: A wireless monitoring system for a high-power borehole–ground electromagnetic transmitter. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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