Bolognesi, C.; Caffi, V.

This paper deals with 3D morphological studies of architecture surveyed with TLS to allow the modelling of a Renaissance villa in a BIM environment; the aim is to create Renaissance objects to be shaped into a parametric software and made recognizable in a BIM environment balancing level of accuracy and shortness of workflow. The approach of this study lies in the comparison of different workflows, using different BIM software and apps, useful to extract transverse ridge or primitive ribs from the point cloud of walls as vaulted ceilings, shape accurate objects, considering their level of detail and their morphological and typological aspect. The first steps of Data Processing from 3D Survey started with an accurate cleaning and transformation in appropriate but different format to be analysed into different environment and treated for a modelling phase. The different results of the different workflow have been compared to measure grade of simplification, when existent, of the single objects compared. The case study deepens the entrance of a Renaissance Villa in Tuscany, Villa di Poggio a Caiano, in its main elevation considering the vaults of porches and entrances as barrel vaults or lunette-like with double-curved nails.



Bolognesi, C. / Caffi, V.: EXTRACTION OF PRIMITIVES AND OBJECTS FROM HSHAPES. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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