Rate constant and secondary organic aerosol formation from the gas-phase reaction of eugenol with hydroxyl radicals

Liu, Changgeng; Liu, Yongchun; Chen, Tianzeng; Liu, Jun; He, Hong

Methoxyphenols are an important organic component of wood-burning emissions and considered to be potential precursors of secondary organic aerosol (SOA). In this work, the rate constant and SOA formation potential for the OH-initiated reaction of 4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol (eugenol) were investigated for the first time in an oxidation flow reactor (OFR). The rate constant was inline-formula M1inlinescrollmathml normal 8.01 ± normal 0.40 × normal 10 - normal 11 94pt14ptsvg-formulamathimge6824d0ea460c8a7788d6bd041de0710 acp-19-2001-2019-ie00001.svg94pt14ptacp-19-2001-2019-ie00001.png  cminline-formula3 moleculeinline-formula−1 sinline-formula−1, determined by the relative rate method. The SOA yield first increased and then decreased as a function of OH exposure and was also dependent on eugenol concentration. The maximum SOA yields (0.11–0.31) obtained at different eugenol concentrations could be expressed well by a one-product model. The carbon oxidation state (OSinline-formulaC) increased linearly and significantly as OH exposure rose, indicating that a high oxidation degree was achieved for SOA. In addition, the presence of inline-formulaSO2 (0–198 ppbv) and inline-formulaNO2 (0–109 ppbv) was conducive to increasing SOA yield, for which the maximum enhancement values were 38.6 % and 19.2 %, respectively. The inline-formulaN∕C ratio (0.032–0.043) indicated that inline-formulaNO2 participated in the OH-initiated reaction, subsequently forming organic nitrates. The results could be helpful for further understanding the SOA formation potential from the atmospheric oxidation of methoxyphenols and the atmospheric aging process of smoke plumes from biomass burning emissions.



Liu, Changgeng / Liu, Yongchun / Chen, Tianzeng / et al: Rate constant and secondary organic aerosol formation from the gas-phase reaction of eugenol with hydroxyl radicals. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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