Solar 27-day signatures in standard phase height measurements above central Europe

von Savigny, Christian; Peters, Dieter H. W.; Entzian, Günter

We report on the effect of solar variability at the 27-day and the 11-year timescales on standard phase height measurements in the ionospheric D region carried out in central Europe. Standard phase height corresponds to the reflection height of radio waves (for constant solar zenith distance) in the ionosphere near 80 km altitude, where NO is ionized by solar Lyman-inline-formulaα radiation. Using the superposed epoch analysis (SEA) method, we extract statistically highly significant solar 27-day signatures in standard phase heights. The 27-day signatures are roughly inversely correlated to solar proxies, such as the F10.7 cm radio flux or the Lyman-inline-formulaα flux. The sensitivity of standard phase height change to solar forcing at the 27-day timescale is found to be in good agreement with the sensitivity for the 11-year solar cycle, suggesting similar underlying mechanisms. The amplitude of the 27-day signature in standard phase height is larger during solar minimum than during solar maximum, indicating that the signature is not only driven by photoionization of NO. We identified statistical evidence for an influence of ultra-long planetary waves on the quasi 27-day signature of standard phase height in winters of solar minimum periods.



von Savigny, Christian / Peters, Dieter H. W. / Entzian, Günter: Solar 27-day signatures in standard phase height measurements above central Europe. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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