Polarization lidar: an extended three-signal calibration approach

Jimenez, Cristofer; Ansmann, Albert; Engelmann, Ronny; Haarig, Moritz; Schmidt, Jörg; Wandinger, Ulla

We present a new formalism to calibrate a three-signal polarization lidar and to measure highly accurate height profiles of the volume linear depolarization ratios under realistic experimental conditions. The methodology considers elliptically polarized laser light, angular misalignment of the receiver unit with respect to the main polarization plane of the laser pulses, and cross talk among the receiver channels. A case study of a liquid-water cloud observation demonstrates the potential of the new technique. Long-term observations of the calibration parameters corroborate the robustness of the method and the long-term stability of the three-signal polarization lidar. A comparison with a second polarization lidar shows excellent agreement regarding the derived volume linear polarization ratios in different scenarios: a biomass burning smoke event throughout the troposphere and the lower stratosphere up to 16 inline-formulakm in height, a dust case, and also a cirrus cloud case.



Jimenez, Cristofer / Ansmann, Albert / Engelmann, Ronny / et al: Polarization lidar: an extended three-signal calibration approach. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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