Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Rotary Steering Drilling System

Huang, Leilei; Xue, Qilong; Liu, Baolin; Yang, Chunxu; Wang, Ruihe; Han, Laiju

Vibration and high shock are major factors in the failure of downhole tools. It is important to study the causes of vibration and shock formation to prevent failure of the drillstring and bottom hole assembly (BHA). At present, it is generally recognized that the vibration of drillstring is the main reason for the failure, especially the lateral vibration. In this paper, the bottom tool of Rotary Steering Drilling System (RSS) calculation model was established based on the secondary development of ABAQUS software. Starting from the initial configuration of drilling tool, considering the contact impact of drilling tool and borehole wall, the dynamic excitation of guide mechanism and the drilling pressure, torque, rotational speed, gravity, buoyancy, drilling fluid damping. The dynamic characteristics of the inherent frequency and dynamic stress of the bottom hole assembly (BHA) were calculated and analyzed, and risk assessment method based on the quantitative vibration intensity was established. The reliability of typical drilling tool is evaluated, which provides a reference for the optimization design of BHA of Rotary Steering Drilling System.



Huang, Leilei / Xue, Qilong / Liu, Baolin / et al: Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Rotary Steering Drilling System. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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