Multi-scale measurements of mesospheric aerosols and electrons during the MAXIDUSTY campaign

Antonsen, Tarjei; Havnes, Ove; Spicher, Andres

We present in situ measurements of small-scale fluctuations in aerosol populations as recorded through a mesospheric cloud system from the Faraday cups DUSTY and MUDD during on the MAXIDUSTY-1 and 1B sounding rocket payloads launched in the summer of 2016. Two mechanically identical DUSTY probes mounted with an inter-spacing of inline-formula∼10 cm recorded very different currents, with strong spin modulation, in certain regions of the cloud system. A comparison to auxiliary measurement show similar tendencies in the MUDD data. Fluctuations in the electron density are found to be generally anti-correlated to the negative aerosol charge density on all length scales; however, in certain smaller regions the correlation turns positive. We have also compared the spectral properties of the dust fluctuations, as extracted by wavelet analysis, to polar mesospheric summer echo (PMSE) strength. In this analysis, we find a relatively good agreement between the power spectral density (PSD) at the radar Bragg scale inside the cloud system; however the PMSE edge is not well represented by the PSD. A comparison of proxies for PMSE strength, constructed from a combination of derived dusty plasma parameters, shows that no simple proxy can reproduce PMSE strength well throughout the cloud system. Edge effects are especially poorly represented by the proxies addressed here.



Antonsen, Tarjei / Havnes, Ove / Spicher, Andres: Multi-scale measurements of mesospheric aerosols and electrons during the MAXIDUSTY campaign. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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