Heliogeophysical prediction service in Poland:past, present and future

Klos, Zbigniew; Stanislawska, Iwona; Dziak-Jankowska, Beata

The Regional Warning Centre (RWC) of Warsaw operates as the Heliogeophysical Forecasting Centre in the Space Research Centre (SRC) of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is involved in the current collection of a large volume of data exchanged with the International Space Environment Service (ISES) and received directly from various international observatories and Polish-operated geophysical stations. From this continuous flow of data, daily forecasts are issued of space weather conditions and their influence on the performance of technological systems on the Earth and in the space environment. Special services are prepared for governmental and commercial customers, including the SRC. Software packages have been developed for the processing of data and to implement the prediction and forecast systems.



Klos, Zbigniew / Stanislawska, Iwona / Dziak-Jankowska, Beata: Heliogeophysical prediction service in Poland:past, present and future. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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