Assessing the impact of clouds on ground-based UV–visible total column ozone measurements in the high Arctic

Zhao, Xiaoyi; Bognar, Kristof; Fioletov, Vitali; Pazmino, Andrea; Goutail, Florence; Millán, Luis; Manney, Gloria; Adams, Cristen; Strong, Kimberly

Zenith-Sky scattered light Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (ZS-DOAS) has been used widely to retrieve total column ozone (TCO). ZS-DOAS measurements have the advantage of being less sensitive to clouds than direct-sun measurements. However, the presence of clouds still affects the quality of ZS-DOAS TCO. Clouds are thought to be the largest contributor to random uncertainty in ZS-DOAS TCO, but their impact on data quality still needs to be quantified. This study has two goals: (1) to investigate whether clouds have a significant impact on ZS-DOAS TCO, and (2) to develop a cloud-screening algorithm to improve ZS-DOAS measurements in the Arctic under cloudy conditions. To quantify the impact of weather, 8 years of measured and modelled TCO have been used, along with information about weather conditions at Eureka, Canada (80.05 N, 86.41 W). Relative to direct-sun TCO measurements by Brewer spectrophotometers and modelled TCO, a positive bias is found in ZS-DOAS TCO measured in cloudy weather, and a negative bias is found for clear conditions, with differences of up to 5 % between clear and cloudy conditions. A cloud-screening algorithm is developed for high latitudes using the colour index calculated from ZS-DOAS spectra. The quality of ZS-DOAS TCO datasets is assessed using a statistical uncertainty estimation model, which suggests a 3 %–4 % random uncertainty. The new cloud-screening algorithm reduces the random uncertainty by 0.6 %. If all measurements collected during cloudy conditions, as identified using the weather station observations, are removed, the random uncertainty is reduced by 1.3 %. This work demonstrates that clouds are a significant contributor to uncertainty in ZS-DOAS TCO and proposes a method that can be used to screen clouds in high-latitude spectra.



Zhao, Xiaoyi / Bognar, Kristof / Fioletov, Vitali / et al: Assessing the impact of clouds on ground-based UV–visible total column ozone measurements in the high Arctic. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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