High efficiency of livestock ammonia emission controls in alleviating particulate nitrate during a severe winter haze episode in northern China

Xu, Zhenying; Liu, Mingxu; Zhang, Minsi; Song, Yu; Wang, Shuxiao; Zhang, Lin; Xu, Tingting; Wang, Tiantian; Yan, Caiqing; Zhou, Tian; Sun, Yele; Pan, Yuepeng; Hu, Min; Zheng, Mei; Zhu, Tong

Although nitrogen oxide (inline-formulaNOx) emission controls have been implemented for several years, northern China is still facing high particulate nitrate (inline-formula M2inlinescrollmathml chem normal NO normal 3 - 25pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg4c315b3ea451cf26923ad12993612b33 acp-19-5605-2019-ie00001.svg25pt16ptacp-19-5605-2019-ie00001.png ) pollution during severe haze events in winter. In this study, the thermodynamic equilibrium model (ISORROPIA-II) and the Weather Research and Forecast model coupled with chemistry (WRF-Chem) were used to study the efficiency of inline-formulaNH3 emission controls on alleviating particulate inline-formula M4inlinescrollmathml chem normal NO normal 3 - 25pt16ptsvg-formulamathimge16cba38499a6a16cb1a10e488ec56da acp-19-5605-2019-ie00002.svg25pt16ptacp-19-5605-2019-ie00002.png during a severe winter haze episode. We found that particulate-inline-formula M5inlinescrollmathml chem normal NO normal 3 - 25pt16ptsvg-formulamathimg91b2e19ca239409a7665981c17575147 acp-19-5605-2019-ie00003.svg25pt16ptacp-19-5605-2019-ie00003.png formation is almost inline-formulaNH3-limited in extremely high pollution but inline-formulaHNO3-limited on the other days. The improvements in manure management of livestock husbandry could reduce 40 % of total inline-formulaNH3 emissions (currently 100 kt monthinline-formula−1) in northern China in winter. Consequently, particulate inline-formula M10inlinescrollmathml chem normal NO normal 3 - 25pt16ptsvg-formulamathimgdd23f13eb24280cbe650be4567ce8571 acp-19-5605-2019-ie00004.svg25pt16ptacp-19-5605-2019-ie00004.png was reduced by approximately 40 % (on average from 40.8 to 25.7 inline-formulaµg minline-formula−3). Our results indicate that reducing livestock inline-formulaNH3 emissions would be highly effective in reducing particulate inline-formula M14inlinescrollmathml chem normal NO normal 3 - 25pt16ptsvg-formulamathimgc5e3e0772eea57309f236de17ca43cb8 acp-19-5605-2019-ie00005.svg25pt16ptacp-19-5605-2019-ie00005.png during severe winter haze events.



Xu, Zhenying / Liu, Mingxu / Zhang, Minsi / et al: High efficiency of livestock ammonia emission controls in alleviating particulate nitrate during a severe winter haze episode in northern China. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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