Joint analysis of the magnetic field and total gradient intensity in central Europe

Milano, Maurizio; Fedi, Maurizio; Fairhead, J. Derek

In the European region, the magnetic field at satellite altitudes (inline-formula∼350inline-formulakm) is mainly defined by a long-wavelength magnetic low, called the Central European Magnetic Low (CEML) here, located to the southwest of the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ).

We studied this area through a joint analysis of magnetic and total gradient (inline-formula∇T) anomaly maps for a range of different altitudes of 5, 100 and 350 inline-formulakm. Tests on synthetic models showed the usefulness of the joint analysis at various altitudes to identify reverse dipolar anomalies and to characterize areas in which magnetization is weak. This way we identified areas where either reversely or normally magnetized sources are locally dominant. At a European scale these anomalies are sparse, with a low degree of coalescence effect. The inline-formula∇T map indeed presents generally small values within the CEML area, indicating that the Paleozoic Platform is weakly magnetized.

At 350 inline-formulakm of altitude, the TESZ effect is largely dominant: with intense inline-formula∇T highs above the East European Craton (EEC) and very small values above the Paleozoic Platform, this again denotes a weakly magnetized crust. Small coalescence effects are masked by the trend of the TESZ.

Although we identified sparsely located reversely magnetized sources in the Paleozoic Platform of the CEML, the joint analysis does not support a model of a generally reversely magnetized crust. Instead, our analysis strongly favors the hypothesis that the CEML anomaly is mainly caused by a sharp contrast between the magnetic properties of the EEC and Paleozoic Platform.



Milano, Maurizio / Fedi, Maurizio / Fairhead, J. Derek: Joint analysis of the magnetic field and total gradient intensity in central Europe. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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