Raindrop shapes and fall velocities in “turbulent times”

Thurai, Merhala; Schönhuber, Michael; Lammer, Günter; Bringi, Viswanathan

Raindrop shapes and fall velocities measured by 2-dimensional video disdrometer are presented for 2 high-wind/turbulent events. The shapes were reconstructed using a relatively new technique. 10 m height wind sensor data are used to derive proxy-indicators for turbulent intensities. Our results show strong gusts, directional wind shifts (i.e. shear) and/or inferred high turbulence intensity are correlated with reduced fall speeds, reaching values ∼25 %–30 % less than the expected values, i.e. sub-terminal fall speeds. Significant percentage (20 %–35 %) of asymmetric drops (> 2 mm) deviating from the most probable axisymmetric shapes were also detected for some events with high turbulent intensities.



Thurai, Merhala / Schönhuber, Michael / Lammer, Günter / et al: Raindrop shapes and fall velocities in “turbulent times”. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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