Mechanism design and parameter optimization of a new asymmetric translational parallel manipulator

Yang, Yi; Tang, Yaqi; Chen, Haijun; Peng, Yan; Pu, Huayan

With the requirement of heavy load for pick-and-place operation, a new 3-DoF asymmetric translational parallel manipulator is invented in this paper. This manipulator is assembled by a kinematic limb with the parallel linear motion elements(PLMEs), and a single loop 2-UPR. Owning to the linear actuators directly connecting the moving and the fixed platforms, this parallel manipulator has high force transmission efficiency, and adapts to pick-and-place operation under heavy load. In this paper, the mobility and singularity are firstly analyzed by screw theory. And the simplified kinematic and dynamic model is established and solved. Secondly, the reaction forces of the prismatic joints in the PLMEs limb are investigated for the mechanism design. Also, the overall performance of the whole manipulator, such as the workspace, condition numbers of Jacobian matrices and motion transmission, etc, are discussed. Thirdly, a compound evaluation function, which involves the factors of workspace volume, transmission efficiency and reaction force, is proposed. In order to obtain a set of better design parameters, the optimization of the 3-DoF translational manipulator is conducted, for the object of maximum of the evaluation function. At last, the prototype is manufactured and experimented to validate the mobility and motion feasibility of this mechanism design.



Yang, Yi / Tang, Yaqi / Chen, Haijun / et al: Mechanism design and parameter optimization of a new asymmetric translational parallel manipulator. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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