Computer-aided synthesis of spherical and planar 4R linkages for four specified orientations

Wang, Guangming; Zhang, Hao; Li, Xiaoyu; Wang, Jiabo; Zhang, Xiaohui; Fan, Guoqiang

According to the burmester theory, an infinite number of spherical or planar 4R linkages for a specific four-orientation task can be synthesized, but most of the linkage solutions calculated by this method are invalid because of motion defect, poor performance and others. In order to improve the synthesis efficiency, a program package based on Matlab is developed to find a satisfied linkage solution automatically and quickly. Firstly, the calculation on circle points and the center points based on the burmester theory in spherical problems is introduced. Secondly, the calculation methods of linkage defect discrimination, linkage type classification, linkage performance evaluation and solutions visualization based on the theory of spherical trigonometry are presented respectively. Thirdly, the synthesis calculation of program package is extended to the planar 4R linkage based on the theory of planar analytic geometry. Finally, the examples of the spherical synthesis problem and the planar synthesis problem based on solutions map are introduced to test the program package, the result proves this program package is effective and flexible.



Wang, Guangming / Zhang, Hao / Li, Xiaoyu / et al: Computer-aided synthesis of spherical and planar 4R linkages for four specified orientations. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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