Spatial data quality in multi-criterial analysis for decision making process

Talhofer, Vaclav; Hošková-Mayerová, Šárka

Multi-criterial analysis is becoming one of the main methods for evaluation of influence of geographic environment on human activity, or human activity on geographic environment, respectively. Analysis results are often used in command and control systems, especially in armed forces and units of rescue systems. For analyses, digital geographic data – whose quality significantly influences the reached results – are used. Visualization of results of analyses in command and control systems are usually thematic layers over raster images of topographic maps. That is why this visualization must correspond to cartographic principles used for the creation of thematic maps. The article presents problems that an analyst encounters within the evaluation of the quality of the used data, performance of the analysis itself as well as preparation of data files for their transfer and publishing in command and control systems.



Talhofer, Vaclav / Hošková-Mayerová, Šárka: Spatial data quality in multi-criterial analysis for decision making process. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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