Network-based Visualisation of Accessibility for a Public Transport System

Keler, Andreas; Bug, Lukas A.; Krisp, Jukka M.

Network-based visualisation provides a detailed and accurate way of estimating accessibilities in cities. In this paper, the city of Augsburg serves as an example for modelling changes in network-based accessibility inside the inner city. For improving the urban public transport network, the central transportation hub “Königsplatz” recently underwent a major reconstruction. Therefore, a central detour of tram services was established. The change of accessibility is investigated using OpenStreetMap as database. The analysis was performed by a comparison of the spatiotemporal accessibility with bus and tram, in the period during and after the reconstruction. Geovisualisation of this accessibility analysis is accomplished via colour-coded accessibility maps and 3D-areal maps. A major change of accessibility can be detected between the reconstruction and post-reconstruction phase. Furthermore, this accessibility analysis reveals a far worse accessibility of public transportation in the eastern part compared to the western part of the city centre in Augsburg.



Keler, Andreas / Bug, Lukas A. / Krisp, Jukka M.: Network-based Visualisation of Accessibility for a Public Transport System. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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