Modelling fault reactivation with characteristic stress-drop terms

Beck, Martin; Class, Holger

Predicting shear failure that leads to the reactivation of faults during the injection of fluids in the subsurface is difficult since it inherently involves an enormous complexity of flow processes interacting with geomechanics. However, understanding and predicting induced seismicity is of great importance. Various approaches to modelling shear failure have been suggested recently. They are all dependent on the prediction of the pressure and stress field, which requires the solution of partial differential equations for flow and for geomechanics. Given a pressure and corresponding mechanical responses, shear slip can be detected using a failure criterion. We propose using characteristic values for stress drops occurring in a failure event as sinks in the geomechanical equation. This approach is discussed in this article and illustrated with an example.



Beck, Martin / Class, Holger: Modelling fault reactivation with characteristic stress-drop terms. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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