Iceberg topography and volume classification using TanDEM-X interferometry

Dammann, Dyre O.; Eriksson, Leif E. B.; Nghiem, Son V.; Pettit, Erin C.; Kurtz, Nathan T.; Sonntag, John G.; Busche, Thomas E.; Meyer, Franz J.; Mahoney, Andrew R.

Icebergs in polar regions affect water salinity, alter marine habitats, and impose serious hazards on maritime operations and navigation. These impacts mainly depend on the iceberg volume, which remains an elusive parameter to measure. We investigate the capability of TanDEM-X bistatic single-pass synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) to derive iceberg subaerial morphology and infer total volume. We cross-verify InSAR results with Operation IceBridge (OIB) data acquired near Wordie Bay, Antarctica, as part of the OIB/TanDEM-X Antarctic Science Campaign (OTASC). While icebergs are typically classified according to size based on length or maximum height, we develop a new volumetric classification approach for applications where iceberg volume is relevant. For icebergs with heights exceeding 5 m, we find iceberg volumes derived from TanDEM-X and OIB data match within 7 %. We also derive a range of possible iceberg keel depths relevant to grounding and potential impacts on subsea installations. These results suggest that TanDEM-X could pave the way for future single-pass interferometric systems for scientific and operational iceberg mapping and classification based on iceberg volume and keel depth.



Dammann, Dyre O. / Eriksson, Leif E. B. / Nghiem, Son V. / et al: Iceberg topography and volume classification using TanDEM-X interferometry. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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