CartAGen: an Open Source Research Platform for Map Generalization

Touya, Guillaume; Lokhat, Imran; Duchêne, Cécile

Automatic map generalization is a complex task that is still a research problem and requires the development of research prototypes before being usable in productive map processes. In the meantime, reproducible research principles are becoming a standard. Publishing reproducible research means that researchers share their code and their data so that other researchers might be able to reproduce the published experiments, in order to check them, extend them, or compare them to their own experiments. Open source software is a key tool to share code and software, and CartAGen is the first open source research platform that tackles the overall map generalization problem: not only the building blocks that are generalization algorithms, but also methods to chain them, and spatial analysis tools necessary for data enrichment. This paper presents the CartAGen platform, its architecture and its components. The main component of the platform is the implementation of several multi-agent based models of the literature such as AGENT, CartACom, GAEL, CollaGen, or DIOGEN. The paper also explains and discusses different ways, as a researcher, to use or to contribute to CartAGen.



Touya, Guillaume / Lokhat, Imran / Duchêne, Cécile: CartAGen: an Open Source Research Platform for Map Generalization. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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