Usability problems and literacy of online maps

Murakosshi, Shin; Mitsushita, Kenta

The purpose of the current research is to identify usability problems of online maps and examine literacy complementary to the problems from a viewpoint of real-world problem solving discussed in Saeki (1988) and Harada (1997). In an experiment, a route search task and a task to select a safer place to live in by using hazard maps and a security map were given to seven students, a researcher of geography and two researchers of natural disaster prevention. As a result, 62 usability problems were identified at three levels: operation/perception load, understanding operation and display, and formation of operational intention and practical interpretation. The use of existing knowledge and strategies for smooth problem solving were also found. Online map literacy was discussed based on the results.



Murakosshi, Shin / Mitsushita, Kenta: Usability problems and literacy of online maps. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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