The GIS-based approach for the permafrost active layer depth mapping

Korets, Mikhail A.; Prokushkin, Anatoly S.

The depth of the active layer is highly valuable parameter of the biochemical processes and ecosystem dynamics in changing climate. Site area of our investigation was situated in the Evenkiysky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia near Tura settlement. We used field measurements of seasonal thawing layer depth (active layer depth) to estimate its spatial variability and its dependency of topography-based variables (elevation, slope and aspect). The spatial analysis of field sample plots location and after-forest-fire period length helped us to build the reference table and then extrapolate this data in a form of map for the site area. The produced map of active layer depth and applied data processing scheme are now using for the complex analysis and modelling of hydrochemical processes in terrain- and water-ecosystems.



Korets, Mikhail A. / Prokushkin, Anatoly S.: The GIS-based approach for the permafrost active layer depth mapping. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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