The new National Atlas of Hungary – volume Natural Environment

Kocsis, Károly; Nemerkényi, Zsombor; Zentai, László; Gercsák, Gábor

The new edition of the National Atlas of Hungary will be published in four volumes in Hungarian and in English to present the dynamic spatial structure of nature, society and the economy not merely for Hungary, but wherever the required data are available, for the Carpatho–Pannonian Area. In favour of keeping relations with the broader public and meeting the requirements of the time, the National Atlas – in addition to its impressive printed form – will be published also in digital version (e-MNA) in Hungarian and English. The traditional paper-based edition will cover the most important topics in four volumes (The Hungarian State and its Place in the World; Natural Environment; Society; Economy) and in representative quality. It will serve mainly awareness-raising and information provision rather than academic research. The current volume of the new National Atlas of Hungary (MNA), which is presenting the Natural Environment, is the outcome of wide ranging professional collaboration: 19 editors, 137 authors, 220 map authors, 17 cartographers, and several dozen professional and language proofreaders, translators have made their valuable contributions to it.



Kocsis, Károly / Nemerkényi, Zsombor / Zentai, László / et al: The new National Atlas of Hungary – volume Natural Environment. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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