Enriching complex road intersections from OSM with traffic-related behavioral information

Keler, Andreas; Grigoropoulos, Georgios; Mussack, Dominik

Bicycle traffic in urban environments has various complex aspects in relation to the used space and the assigned transport infrastructures, especially in urban environments. Depending on the traffic situations, the built static urban infrastructure design, and, the other traffic participants involved, there are more or less challenging possibilities of its representation. Modelling and simulating urban bicycle traffic should include the interactions to other traffic participants, and, of course, behavioral aspects within each ride. Therefore, we introduce a method for enriching road features from OSM with traffic-related behavioural information. We focus on road intersections, since those are the locations with the highest number of interactions, communications, and, accidents. Our aim is to extend microscopic traffic flow simulations for achieving higher accuracies in simulation results and for applying bicycle movement models that are more adapted to reality. As an example we present a behavioral catalogue for cyclists, focussing on urban roundabouts, which results from real video observations and subsequent classifications.We classify into typical, frequently occurring and unusual bicycle maneuvers, and, include those into a specification procedure when enriching various OSM features.



Keler, Andreas / Grigoropoulos, Georgios / Mussack, Dominik: Enriching complex road intersections from OSM with traffic-related behavioral information. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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