Map Production Supporting Activities of Digitalization and AI

Jobst, Markus; Gartner, Georg

The notion “digitalization” comes into vogue in many corners of information and knowledge technologies. Even politicians are aware of the power of digitalization and its impact on society. In general digitalization is not directly dealing with webmapping or location based services, although digital and web-based procedures are the key. But what else could these initiatives of digitalization mean for the mapping domain? Is there an impact on map production, geoinformation management and the way we provide and use geospatial knowledge? The aim of this contribution is to formally extend the function of cartography by the aspect of artificial knowledge expansion and therefore to highlight the basics, requirements and additional emerging methods in map production.



Jobst, Markus / Gartner, Georg: Map Production Supporting Activities of Digitalization and AI. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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