International Cartography Master graduates starting their career

Cron, Juliane; Meng, Liqiu; Bogucka, Edyta P.; Gartner, Georg; Burghardt, Dirk; Kraak, Menno-Jan; van Elzakker, Corné; Ricker, Britta

Since its commencement eight years ago, the Cartography Master program has enrolled 155 students in eight annual intakes from 58 different countries. In this paper we share the experiences of the alumni of the first 5 intakes of the Cartography M.Sc. program that were gained via an online survey. Through the results of the survey we are able to answer the following questions: In which fields of work are our alumni getting involved? What kinds of businesses employ cartography alumni? In which countries are the graduates working? Furthermore, we would like to introduce some of our alumni: What are they doing now, how have they applied the things they learned during their studies in their careers and what message do they have for our future students? What do they consider as their most important achievements since graduation? What did they take with them from studying at four different universities? And how do they see their future?



Cron, Juliane / Meng, Liqiu / Bogucka, Edyta P. / et al: International Cartography Master graduates starting their career. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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