Collaborative Custodianship through Collaborative Cloud Mapping: Challenges and Opportunities

Coetzee, Serena; Du Preez, Jacques; Behr, Franz-Josef; Cooper, Antony K.; Odijk, Martijn; Vanlishout, Siegfried; Buyle, Raf; Jobst, Markus; Chauke, Maroale; Fourie, Nicolene; Schmitz, Peter; Erwee, Frikan

Collaborative custodianship refers to an arrangement where a number of custodians work together to produce integrated datasets for a spatial data infrastructure (SDI), e.g. local authorities contributing address or street data to a national SDI dataset. Collaborative cloud mapping allows for ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand, configured and tailor-made mapping with resources shared between various entities collaborating on a specific initiative, such as an SDI or for disaster management. This paper presents the results of a workshop in South Africa during which case studies from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria of collaborative custodianship of address data were presented, and OpenStreetMap as a case study of collaborative cloud mapping. Subsequently, challenges and opportunities for implementing similar initiatives in the context of the South African SDI were debated in break-away sessions. The results from these sessions were analysed using the PESTEL framework.



Coetzee, Serena / Du Preez, Jacques / Behr, Franz-Josef / et al: Collaborative Custodianship through Collaborative Cloud Mapping: Challenges and Opportunities. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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