Solution for indoor positioning using WIFI networks

Aguilar Aravena, Carolina; Delazari, Luciene Stamato

The use of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) has gained an exponential growth due to the high availability of infrastructure to carry out its development. In this context this work presents the development of an Open Source Software for indoor positioning with the use of WIFI networks, since in this type of environment the pedestrian needs a greater assistance for its location and navigation. The application was developed in Android Studio, with a database generated using the WIFI routers of the study area. In addition, the position of the user in real time is showed in a map. The positioning techniques used for this application were Proximity, Center of Mass and Trilateration. The results shows that it is possible to obtain a high level of agreement in the identification of building and floor. The results also show that it is possible to develop an indoor positioning application through WIFI networks.



Aguilar Aravena, Carolina / Delazari, Luciene Stamato: Solution for indoor positioning using WIFI networks. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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