Brovelli, M. A.; Boccardo, P.; Bordogna, G.; Pepe, A.; Crespi, M.; Munafò, M.; Pirotti, F.

The paper deals with the general presentation of the Urban GEO BIG DATA, a collaborative acentric and distributed Free and Open Source (FOS) platform consisting of several components: local data nodes for data and related service Web deploy; a visualization node for data fruition; a catalog node for data discovery; a CityGML modeler; data-rich viewers based on virtual globes; an INSPIRE metadata management system enriched with quality indicators for each dataset.

Three use cases in five Italian cities (Turin, Milan, Padua, Rome, and Naples) are examined: 1) urban mobility; 2) land cover and soil consumption at different resolutions; 3) displacement time series. Besides the case studies, the architecture of the system and its components will be presented.



Brovelli, M. A. / Boccardo, P. / Bordogna, G. / et al: URBAN GEO BIG DATA. 2019. Copernicus Publications.


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